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March 19, 2021 Info TMB

Attention TMB members! As of 1st July this year TMB memberships will be available through only. The MTBA, BMX Aus, Cycling Aus & membership systems will no longer provide membership of this great club. And rest assured, membership prices are staying at the super low starting price of $25 for adults / $10 for youths. When you sign up with AusCycling you can nominate one or more clubs to become a member of.

So, if your membership is with:

AusCyling – you don’t need to do anything. Stay with AusCycling.MTBA, BMX Aus, Cycling Aus – AusCycling will be in contact with you near your membership renewal – the club will send you an email explaining your options. You may also receive an email from Paypal indicating your “recurrent” payment to Team Mount Beauty has been ceased.

Future membership options: don’t worry, there are more membership options than you can poke a stick at, starting at $25 per year for adults / $10 per year for youths! AusCycling also offer discounts for family memberships. The various membership levels cater for different levels of insurance for the rider – see An * indicates that TMB receives between $10 & $15 per membership.

Race (all disciplines): adult $265*; 2-7yo $50; 8-12yo $75; <19yo $120; >65yo $135*.Race (off road): adult $165*; 2-7yo $50; 8-12yo $75; <19yo $120; >65yo $135*.Lifestyle (rider insured): adult $95*; 2-7yo $50; 8-12yo $50; <19yo $50; >65yo $65*.Lifestyle Basic (3rd party only): adult $65*; 2-7yo $50; 8-12yo $50; <19yo $50; >65yo $65*.Non-Riding (not insured): adult $25*; 2-7yo $10; 8-12yo $10; <19yo $10; >65yo $25*. Single day event license: $30.

AusCycling family discount options:

Lifestyle: 2 memberships capped at cheaper of $160 or 10% off.Lifestyle: 3+ memberships capped at cheaper of $180 or 15% off.Race/Lifestyle combo: 2 memberships 10% off.Race/Lifestyle combo: 3+ memberships 15% off.


November 3, 2020 Info TMB

A huge thanks from the committee for the effort everyone has made to post locations of and/or clear trees and repair track in the past couple of weeks. The weekly thunderstorm cycle has seen a large number of trees down on the trails. In the past couple of weeks,over 50 trees cleared that would amount to in excess of 100 volunteer hours. Awesome. Feel free to self deploy but stay safe and don’t forget the annoying Covid requirements. There will always be trees to clear and track to repair so as things chill out with C-19 restrictions we will plan some working bee’s with a bit of reward afterwords put on by your club. Ride on..