Event Marshal


Start of shift:

  • Come to race day marshal briefing in appropriate clothing
  • Pick up marshal equipment
  • Go to marshal point (driven, walk or ride – you will know before the day)
  • Pass on ‘course live’ message when requested. The first marshal point will say ‘marshal 1 ready’, the second point will say ‘marshal 2 ready’, and so on. Wait until the marshal point above you has said that they are ready before you do so. This message tells the race director that the course is clear and ready to start.

Medical assistance:

  • After a rider has crashed, ask if they are okay to continue. Most will continue so you won’t need to radio this through.
  • If a fallen rider is able to get up but is too injured to continue, please radio for first aid.
  • If a fallen rider cannot move, please radio for first aid and use your red flag to alert other riders.
  • If you hear on the radio that there has been a serious crash at the marshal point below you and the track is not clear, you may need to use your red flag to stop riders at your marshal point. The race director will confirm this.
  • If riders tell you that there’s been a serious crash above you that you cannot see, please radio the race director for guidance.


  • If a rider has had a mechanical and will not continue racing, please radio the race director to facilitate transport.

End of your shift (please stay at your station until):

  • The next person relieves you;
  • You hear on the radio that your pick-up is waiting;
  • You see the sweep rider pass your point (you will hear on the radio when the sweep rider is on course).


  • If you are working all day you will get lunch brought up to you.
  • If you need more water please call or radio the request through.
  • If you have any other questions, please call or radio the volunteer coordinator.
  • Marshals please watch either or both of the videos below if you haven’t been in this position before and need a bit more information.

DH marshal (video)

XC marshal (video)

Just know things could be a little different at each event. Please ask us if anything is not clear – info@tmb.org.au