Donate & Contribute

Team Mount Beauty is a club of volunteers passionate about all things bike! We welcome all donations and contributions 🙂

How to donate

How to contribute

There are myriad ways to contribute to this great club – we are grateful to all our hard working volunteers and we wouldn’t be able to exist without you!

If you have questions please email us, come to a committee meeting on the first Tuesday of every month, or check Facebook.

  • Committee roles
    • Committee elections occur at the annual club AGM
    • The committee executive positions are:
      • President
      • Vice-President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
    • The committee non-executive positions include 8 members.
  • Sub-committee roles
    • Sub-committees ideally consist of a mix of committee and non-committee members.
    • Permanent sub-committees are:
      • Governance, Communications & Finance
      • Trails
      • Events
    • Project-based sub-committees are:
      • Pump track development
      • Kids track development
  • Trail work
    • Trail work within Big Hill Mtb Park is managed by the Trails sub-committee – if you’d like to help out please get in touch 🙂
  • Events
    • Club events are overseen by the Events sub-committee – if you’d like to help out please get in touch 🙂
  • Other
    • If you would like to contribute in another way, thank you and please get in touch 🙂