Trail maintenance

We very much encourage and appreciate trail maintenance volunteers!

Please respect the trails and their design, intent and history. If the trail is too difficult, it just may be a perfect challenge for someone else. If the trail is too easy, we are sure our mountain bike park has more difficult trails you can ride.

Trail maintenance

Trail works come under three categories:
  1. Trail Grooming – maintaining the dimensions of the trail corridor and clearing excess debris from the trail – to be done in coordination with the Trails Working Group.
  2. Trail Repair – modifying the trail surface to improve drainage, ruts, safety etc – to be done in coordination with the Trails Working Group.
  3. Creating New Trail – see New Trails – requires an approval process from land owners.

Trail maintenance manual

Club policies and procedures for trail maintenance.

Please familiarise yourself with this manual if you’d like to be involved with trail maintenance.

New trails

This is where it gets complicated.

Big Hill MTB Park encompasses land owned by AGL, DELWP & Alpine Shire Council. Team Mount Beauty have a licence agreement with AGL, and one in progress with DELWP. Any new trails need to go through a formal approval process – please be respectful of this and get in contact before starting any new trail builds.

About Us

Team Mount Beauty is a cycling club based in the beautiful North East Victorian township of Mount Beauty. We are passionate about all things cycling and are proud to call the Big Hill MTB Park our own, where you can spend days exploring the huge network of awesome single track.