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Volunteering at club events

We have lots of different ways you can help with out events or trails. If you are interested in a specific role, please consider the jobs listed below. If you have questions please email us at or come to a monthly committee meeting or check the Facebook group.

All of our volunteers are valued and we thank them with event lunches, dinners, coffees, shuttle days, club BBQs and other freebies, and if wanted they even get hugs.

Setup and packup

1 hour first thing on race day or later in the afternoon once the race is over.

Help set up / pull down marquees, fencing, signs, bunting, BBQ cleaning, empty eskies and put drinks and food back in the fridge/ freezer.


In the week leading up to the race, usually for a few hours.

Walking the race course to bunt off any track junctions and provide guidance to the race participants.


Half day and full day shifts on race day, with catering provided.

Helping to load/unload bikes on trailers and driving buses/ 4WD with trailers up to the top of the mountain bike park. Vehicles are provided for this.


Race day mornings, usually for a few hours.

Marking names off the registration list, checking MTBA membership cards and giving riders their number plates.


Half day and full day shifts on race day, with catering provided.

Marshals stand trackside and make sure the course is clear for riders.

Trail preparation

In the weeks leading up to the event, for as long or as little time as you have available.

Predominantly Trail Grooming i.e. brush-cutting and leaf-blowing.