Gravel Groms

Gravel Groms and Mini Groms (the Team Mount Beauty junior ride programs) are aimed at facilitating fun participation in mountain biking for junior club members through adult led rides on a regular basis.

Who is it for?

Mini Groms is for children aged 2 – 5 years.

Gravel Groms is for children aged 5 – 16 years.

When is it?

Fridays during Terms 4 & 1.

Mini Groms – be ready to ride at 4:30pm, expecting to finish by 5pm.

Gravel Groms – be ready to ride at 5pm, expecting to finish at 6pm.

What does my Grom need?

  • Membership of Team Mount Beauty through AusCycling, details here
  • Minimum AusCycling insurance level of Lifestyle or Race.
  • A mountain bike suitable for the level of riding that they wish to undertake and maintained in a safe condition. Parents looking for bike advice and/or assessment of a bike please contact Team Mount Beauty.
  • An approved helmet, closed toe sturdy shoes, gloves and a full water bottle or suitable hydration pack.

What happens at Mini Groms?

Mini Groms is a junior biking session for little ones who are just starting out on their balance bikes and upwards to those already cruising on their pedal bikes. The sessions are based around learning through fun and exploration on our bikes whilst playing games and being in a social and safe environment.

What happens at Gravel Groms?

Sessions mostly start at 5pm at the Big Hill carpark & trailhead area, and finish at 6pm.

The Groms ride in groups suitable to their riding interests and skills. Groups are led by an adult Leader on an adventure through the Big Hill MTB Park.

Sessions primarily focus on participation and having safe fun.

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Team Mount Beauty is a cycling club based in the beautiful North East Victorian township of Mount Beauty. We are passionate about all things cycling and are proud to call the Big Hill MTB Park our own, where you can spend days exploring the huge network of awesome single track.