Gravity Enduro

The 2018 TMB Gravity Enduro is the second round of the Victorian Enduro Tour. The downhills sections will be a mix of technical trail and fast single track; less serious than a DH course but enough to warrant a bit of extra travel. The rules for the race series are per the MTBA Gravity Enduro format, ie full face helmets are needed. The liaisons will be a combination of uphill single track and fire roads. The elite riders will be racing 6 stages and the senior and junior categories will race 5 stages.


For fun, racers in the senior categories who wish to race stage 6 will be allowed to. They will need to pay the entry fee of the elites. Their time for this stage will not be included in the category they entered. Stage 6 will obviously be the most challenging of the event.


Shuttles will be provided on Saturday for practice, with junior and senior categories entitled to 3 shuttles up. Elite and senior + stage 6 entrants will be provided with 4 shuttle rides up. This will allow all riders to get a practice ride on each stage.


No self shuttling allowed! Entrants caught self shuttling will not be included in the race.

MTBA race licence required for practice and race day. Protective equipment as per MTBA requirements, ie full face helmet...



Big Hill Mountain Bike Park, Mt Beauty



  • Saturday 20th January 2018:
    • Registration opens at 9am
    • PRACTICE 9am-4pm
    • Shuttles 10am to 4 pm
    • Shuttles provided by Team Mount Beauty only.
  • Sunday 21st January 2018:
    • Registration 7am-8am
    • Rider Briefing 7:50am
    • RACING: 8am-2pm

Stage Information


Stage 1 - Mount Beauty top to car park

  • Mt Beauty top down to the Big Hill mountain bike park car park area. This stage will feature trail sections raced way back in 1999.
  • Length 3.0km
    Descending 270m
    Top Elevation 664m
    Bottom Elevation 395m
    Expected elite time for this stage 7 minutes

Stage 2 - Honey Suckle

  • What some riders consider to be a steep track, which is interesting as this was first used for cross racing back in the day!
  • Length 1.2km
    Descending 208m
    Top Elevation 626m
    Bottom Elevation 417m
    Expected elite time for this stage 3:30 minutes

Stage 3 - Mount beauty saddle to Cranky Charlie

  • The majority of this stage has never been raced, and some new dirt will be on offer that creates a technical track with plenty of downhill switchbacks.
    Length 0.8km
    Descending 87m
    Top Elevation 651m
    Bottom Elevation 564m
    Expected elite time for this stage 3:00 minutes

Stage 4 - Mount Beauty top to 5 ways

  • A couple of new short linking sections will create a fun flowing track. Starting with TuPac's Bac and Jumpin Jacks
    Length 1.8km
    Descending 177m
    Top Elevation 660m
    Bottom Elevation 484m
    Expected elite time for this stage 5:00 minutes

Stage 5 - Cattle yards to car park

  • This is a stage that was used last year but has now been extended to now finish at the car park area, Bananarama/Rollingstoned/Au it now continues across the hill to meet up with the bottom of the big Hill DH just above the table top and right/left berm combination.
    Length 1.4km
    Descending 147m
    Top Elevation 564m
    Bottom Elevation 400m
    Expected elite time for this stage 3:00 minutes

Stage 6 – Elite stage only

  • Starts where the short course comes of Big Hill Rd and finishes at the bottom. This stage incorporates new and old trail sections!
  • Expected elite time for this stage 3 minutes

Racers will return to the bottom after stages 1, 5 and 6.
Drinking water will be provided at the bottom of all stage 2,3 & 4.