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Membership of Team Mount Beauty is available as part of membership of AusCycling

How To Join Team Mount Beauty:

There are a number of ways to join Team Mount Beauty. At this point in time all memberships are managed through AusCycling via their software platform Tidy HQ.

The membership fee to join Team Mount Beauty is $15. The following is a description of the various levels of insurance and a brief mention of what they cover. Please do your own research to determine which level of cover suits you and/or your family’s needs.

Club Members:

The Non-Riding licence is the cheapest way to become a member of Team Mount Beauty. The cost of the licence is $0 and only requires the TMB club fee ($15). While the licence is called a Non-Riding licence, it doesn’t mean you can’t ride, only that there is no insurance coverage for riding activities.

If you just want to join Team Mount Beauty and be able to take part in all our social events (although not covered for riding accidents by AusCycling), be covered as a volunteer at our events and out on the tools doing trail work at our maintenance days then the Non-Riding licence would be the best bet (


If you are planning on racing, then you will need an AusCycling race licence. Some participation events may also require you to have a race licence. If your racing is only off-road then the Race Off-Road  licence is for you ( If you are planning on racing various disciplines, then the Race All Discipline licence is the one you should be looking at (

Other options:

If you feel that you would like some personal insurance coverage, then there are a few options to investigate in the Lifestyle licence category ( This is the level of insurance that AusCycling recommends for coaches and skills instructors.

If you are happy with your personal levels of insurance but would like to have third party liability insurance coverage, Bicycle Network offers you a Basic Cover membership option ( Please note that you can’t join Team Mount Beauty through Bicycle Network yet, but Bicycle Network are starting to offer Lifestyle Insurance options similar to AusCycling for affiliated clubs. Team Mount Beauty is keeping in touch with Bicycle Network as they expand their insurance offerings to see what might be of benefit to TMB members in the future.

AusCycling also offers Family Memberships (

You can join more than one club by adding a club membership to your existing AusCycling membership ( This is handy if you want to be a part of various clubs around the state or to keep in touch with clubs you may have been a member of before.

And of course, if you are racing internationally AusCycling can provide you with a UCI ID (


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with Team Mount Beauty via our email address:

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