Trail Maintenance

Trail Guidelines

The Team Mount Beauty committee have developed the following guidelines for trail work. This aims to avoid the incidence of trail alterations, unsanctioned trails and the simplification of existing trails.

Trail workers should be TMB members, or be working alongside a TMB member with appropriate insurances, i.e. MTBA membership.

Please respect the trails and their design, intent and history. If the trail is too difficult, it just maybe a perfect challenge for someone else. If the trail is too easy, we are sure our mountain bike park has more difficult trails you can ride.

Trail Maintenance

At TMB we very much encourage and appreciate when trail maintenance happens. Trail maintenance is:

  • Rake hoeing and raking
  • Blower use
  • Brush cutting
  • Removing the cupped shoulders of trails
  • Cleaning existing drainage
  • Clearing the vegetation corridor
  • Removing fallen branches/trees from trail
  • Work that does not change the original intention/design of the trail

Trail Alterations

Please contact the TMB committee and the original trail builder if you have intentions to alter a trail. Alterations are:

  • alignment change
  • adding berms
  • adding jumps
  • benching in
  • adding new drainage (no cross drains)
  • altering rock gardens
  • removal of features
  • any work that changes the original intention/design of the trail

New Trails

Team Mt Beauty have a licence agreement with AGL, and one in progress with DELWP. Therefore any new trails need to go through a formal approval process. Please be respectful of this and contact the TMB committee before starting any new trail builds.

If you would like to know more or to get involved please contact the TMB committee on

Working Bee dates to be released soon..